Bad timing

Good evening 🙂

Just popping in to say hi 🙂 I’ve been lying on the couch pretty much all day, feeling really tired after a night with almost no sleep, and dealing with a bad headache. My boyfriend is sick, and I strongly hope I’m not in the beginning phase of becoming sick either since we’re leaving in three days. Wouldn’t be nice to start our first vacation with both being ill lol.

We’ve felt pretty bad for ourselves the whole day. No one had the energy to make dinner so we treated ourselves with some sushi. The rest of the night will probably be spent on the couch as well and we’re going for a more energized day tomorrow.





I hope you’re doing well and that you had a great day!



Exciting weeks coming up

Hello again 🙂

So another Monday has arrived and mine has been pretty good. I started out my morning trying to vlog which was super embarrassing but I have to get over it if I want to vlog regularly and make videos lol. I’ve realized I have to get passed my fear of making a fool out of myself, because I think making a fool out of yourself is a part of vlogging.

I have also worked out a little bit, though I started feeling dizzy and pretty sick to my stomach towards the end. I think I haven’t been drinking enough water lately, definitely have to do something about that!

After that I ate breakfast, I watched some YouTube videos, wrote a little bit before I napped for about an hour. Then it was already time for lunch which as usual was super simple, but also very delicious:  





Two slices of whole grain bread, one avocado, followed by some blueberry yoghurt something after for the protein.

I’ve recorded another cover song as well. Or, I basically just filmed myself live while singing. I was a bit lazy and didn’t use my condenser microphone.

I do think that the next two covers also will be filmed live because my boyfriend and I are actually going on vacation for 12 days this Friday. We will be renting a car and just drive. That’s basically our whole plan for now lol. We wanted to get out and experience something new. We have never been out of this country together (except our grocery shopping trips to Sweden, but they don’t count) or on vacation. After almost two years together we thought it was about time.

So yes, Friday we start driving, which also means I will finally be able to share some more interesting stuff on the blog and in my upcoming videos.

I will end my night practising my video editing skills and just relax on the couch.

I’m back before you know it so stay tuned 🙂



Sunday update

Hey there 🙂

Just here to say that I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed every second of it! I’ve had a long day, with little sleep so I’m off to bed pretty soon. I was at my parents today but forgot the camera of course, so I have nothing to share with you. Not to mention that my boyfriend is ill, so were taking an early night to regain some energy for the new week.


I will be writing a proper post tomorrow; stay tuned 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday night!




Something very new

Hello again 🙂

So another weekend has arrived and I’ve got something quite new to share with you today. I have finally made a video for my second channel, which means I will be showing you my face for the first time on my blog.

I started out with the thought of calling my channel for LC vlogs. Of course I wasn’t smart enough to check if anyone else had the same channel name. So after I had uploaded my first video and all, my boyfriend told me that there were many more people with the exact channel name as mine. In the video I’m saying that my channel name is LC Vlogs. Now I have changed it to my blog name which is A Thought Per Second. I won’t be talking too much about this video since I’m really embarrassed about everything, and I honestly just want to apologize for my weirdness and awkwardness. But I’m not going to do that, because it won’t be helpful in any way lol.

I know that my future videos will be much better, this video is just the first video I’ve ever made of myself, it is the first time that I have filmed myself while talking… in English which was a challenge as well. But with a little practice I will improve a lot I think. At least I’ve finally made this video. I just thought I had to start somewhere and improve from there, and that’s exactly what I’ve done and what I’m planning to do.

So here it is;

This is mainly what I’ve done today; editing the video. My boyfriend and I also went out and bought ourselves vision boards as we call it, and spent the last couple of hours printing out pictures of dreams and goals that we have for the future. I will be showing you soon! For dinner we had kebabs and for dessert we had some candy. Not all of it, the rest we will save for our movie night which will start after I’ve posted this post.




I hope your weekend has started out great and I will be back soon, so stay tuned 🙂


When times are at their worst

I used to embrace the darkness. It used to feel like my only and best friend; the only thing that actually understood me. The darkness was my soulmate; it was the only thing keeping me alive. Which meant that I never allowed myself/the darkness never allowed me to feel anything but pain and misery.

Luckily this has changed through the past two years. Everything changed the day I met my boyfriend. I finally found a purpose in my life, a reason to fight for my own existence and not try to destroy myself. This was not something that changed completely overnight, the only real change that came more or less over night was the decision to stay alive. That was the biggest step for me. After that I started building myself up, tiny pieces at a time.


Day after day I’ve had my improvements, followed by many steps back, and getting back up again. Everyday I’ve tried to fight my own darkness, my best friend through all these years. But that’s the point, how do you fight your own best friend? Is it even possible? For some maybe not. Why? Because they don’t have a reason to. They know they have to fight the darkness to get a better life. But how to get rid of something when you don’t know what it will be replaced with? The darkness was their best friend, that takes away the belief in that something better could take its place.


I’m not really sure if I have a point by writing this. But something that I think of every day is that the reason I was able to fight my own best friend, was because I had something/someone else to replace that enormous space inside me. And the fact that I found someone who was able to show me a future filled with the things a human being is supposed to experience through a lifetime. Darkness showed me nothing but pain. It kept me from ending my own existence because I was afraid to lose darkness itself. Though I know now that it would’ve only been a matter of time until darkness would’ve been too heavy on me as well. It was a fake friend, fake hope, and a slow killer.

My saviour came when I wasn’t looking for it. I had made the decision to exist until I couldn’t bare that anymore either. And when I stopped looking, I found that someone who gave me hope for a future and gave me myself back as well.


I honestly don’t know what my message was with this. I only think that my conclusion from this experience is that, no matter how much I hate those words when I hear them from others; things will get better. It doesn’t matter what situation you’re in, everything is going to be ok. Just hold on and keep existing. That is all you need to do when times are at their worst.

Just a few words from me for today 🙂

I hope you’re doing well and I’m back again soon so stay tuned!


Good times and difficult decisions

Hey there 🙂

So another week has begun, and I hope yours has started out great! I’m refilled with energy after a nice weekend. Saturday I went home, visited my parents and grandparents who were in Norway these last days. In the evening we went out for dinner. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve had such delicious food! We started out with some fresh bread, followed by a mussel soup and for the main course I had Spanish pork or something.

After that I joined my boyfriend, his sister, her husband and a family friend out for a second dinner. I had already eaten so I didn’t order anything, but that didn’t change the fact that it was a really enjoyable night.






Not the most delicate pictures lol sorry.

Yesterday, Sunday, I spent the day doing nothing. I woke up late, watched Lord of the Rings in the morning, did some research for my second YouTube channel (which I still have to start filming for lol…) and in the evening my boyfriend and I watched the two Avengers movies. We’ve been watching a lot of hero movies lately haha and we’re huge fans now!


I have something pretty interesting to share with you on my behalf. This has been going on since the day I started at school again after the summer holidays, but I haven’t told you yet because I didn’t dare to tell my parents. Now they know, and I dare to tell you as well. I’ve actually decided to take this year off from school. I been complaining often enough about how much I don’t like school. I’ve also been holding back a lot on how much I actually don’t like it. I only say don’t like because I also respect the people who do go and do like school.

Image result for school animal memes

School has truly been one of the reasons why I’ve been continuously stressed and depressed the last two years. It drains all of my energy and prevents me from doing that which actually means something to me in my life; writing, music, creativity and to be happy.

I’m sure many people will find my decision difficult to understand. But you know what; school isn’t everything. At least not at my age. I will return to school within a year, but first I need some time to finally be able to enjoy my life, after everything I’ve been through the last couple of years.


This year I will focus on what I like to do, and hopefully also be able to come a little closer to figure out what I would like to do in my future.

That was my news for today.

So now I will be looking at some new themes for the blog. I’m not completely happy with the way things look right now, so in a few days you might see some changes.

That was it from me for today! I will be back in the next two days so stay tuned 🙂





When you truly feel you deserve it

Good morning 🙂

I can’t see what I’m writing, I’m so tired. My boyfriend and I had a movie night last night. We were supposed to watch only one or perhaps two of the Iron Man movies, but we actually ended up watching all three. Which means that I went to bed wayyy too late…

Now I’m up ‘’early’’ because I’m soon off to my parents. My grandparents are still here but they will be going home tomorrow so I’m going to spend the day with them.

This week I’ve been quite proud of myself when it comes to eating regularly and reasonably healthy. So during our movie night yesterday I treated myself with an overload of snacks haha. Of course my boyfriend ate of it too.

For dinner we had frozen pizzas which we haven’t eaten in a while. We’ve only eaten real Italian pizza from a pizza bakery just a few metres from our flats front door. They truly have the best pizzas I’ve ever tasted! But yesterday we just went for the frozen ones and that definitely didn’t taste bad either!





I also uploaded a new cover song two days ago which I completely forgot to share. The recording itself is quite bad and the video angle from where I placed the camera was even worse. I guess I shouldn’t be settling for something that I’m not happy with but at the same time, when I feel that I at least got a reasonable recording of my voice, I get all excited. I forget that that’s not the only important part of it lol.. still learning… I hope you like it though!

Anyway… I’m going to pack a bag of laundry now and go to my parents! I hope your weekend has been great so far and I’ll be back within two days so stay tuned:)


Workout Wednesday and a new dinner favourite

Happy Wednesday!!

Half way through the week already. I hope yours has been great or at least good so far?

I’ve spent my day working out, going to school, recording another cover song which I will upload tomorrow, and I’ve written a bit.

You might have noticed that I’ve changed the categories and taken away my daily themes for the different days. Or you haven’t but at least now you know. I started this because I wasn’t sure what to write and it was nice to have some guidelines. However, now I think I’m able to write without those guidelines.




I used to have Workout Wednesdays and though it’s not a part of my category anymore, I thought I would share a workout today since I had a decent workout this morning.

I’ve made myself this new plan where I have leg day + abs on Mondays, shoulder + back + abs on Wednesdays and biceps + triceps + legs + abs on Fridays. So todays workout I focused on shoulders, back and abs and it looked like this:

Superset setup, 3 sets of all exercises


1A: Bent over barbell row

1B: Seated rows with resistance band


2A: Overhead dumbbell presses

2B: Reverse fly


3A: Front raise

3B: Upright dumbbell row


4A: Sit ups

4B: Leg raises

This is what I did today. It only took me 43 minutes but it was enough to make my arms and shoulders burn.

For dinner I wasn’t in the mood for cooking, so I kept it really simple by making myself some oatmeal, with cottage cheese and banana. I’ve eaten this almost daily the last week. I didn’t know banana tasted so good with oatmeal! I really recommend you to try that out!




At the moment I’m snacking on some stevia chocolate and watching Lord of The Rings before I go to bed.

I won’t be writing tomorrow, but I will share my new cover video so stay tuned 🙂



New plans

Hey there 🙂

Another weekend has passed. I’ve been quite busy so that’s why I’ve been quiet… again… sorry about that!

I thought I would start telling you a little bit about my plans for the upcoming weeks/months. It’s not much really, but I’ve made myself a plan and an everyday to-do list. On this list I’ve written down quite a few things. I will focus more on music and writing and things like that, but also I intend to start a second YouTube channel this week. The videos I will be uploading there will mainly be about the same things that I’m writing about on my blog; workouts, food, thoughts, experience, music, writing and so forth. But I think I will focus most on health, food, workouts, happiness and trying to be a good role model. I’ve been really upset lately about todays society when it comes to role models, what to eat, what not to eat, how to look and how not to look, how to work out, the best diets, vegetarian this and vegan that and in the meantime young girls and women struggle more and more with themselves and their confidence.


My motto is; if you’re happy, you’re healthy. There is nothing healthier than just being happy and enjoying life. The only sad part about this is that it probably is one of the most difficult things in life to achieve; being happy. Just because we are influenced as individuals by everything that is happening in our society. Social media I would say is the biggest problem and the biggest criminal of this; because every single thing you do can be shared with the rest of the world.


So that’s my plan, we shall see how far I get. I will also start writing every other day from today. I’ve made myself quite busy with my new schedule, and I would like to be able to keep doing everything for quite some time. Which means I also mustn’t overestimate my own abilities and energy and end up working myself into the ground. So I’m writing today, not tomorrow, but I will write Wednesday and Friday and so forth. I will also try to upload videos for my second channel every Thursday or Friday. But nothing is written on stone until I’ve actually got videos to upload lol.


To talk about something else; Yesterday I was on a short road trip with my parents and grandparents. I was finally able to take a few outdoor pictures again which was awesome! I haven’t done it in a while. The pictures are those you see is in this post. I hope you like them 🙂


With this I call it a day and I hope you had a great start to this new week!